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The Nag Factor: How Do Children Convince Their Parents to Buy Unhealthy Food?

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

This month we talked quite a bit about healthy snacking, increasing fruit and vegetable intake, and even how sneak vegetables into your family meals.  You are applying your newfound knowledge to snack and meal times yet at recent trip to the grocery store your toddler screams: “But moooooom, I neeeeed that cereal!” You try to reason with your toddler explaining why you are choosing a healthier cereal; yet a major tantrum ensues and your tot gives a dramatic performance in the store enviable by most actors in Hollywood.  So how did you get here and how can your child be screaming for a cereal they’ve never had? A recent study sheds some insight on this phenomenon dubbed the Nag Factor. (more…)

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