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The Nag Factor: How Do Children Convince Their Parents to Buy Unhealthy Food?

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

This month we talked quite a bit about healthy snacking, increasing fruit and vegetable intake, and even how sneak vegetables into your family meals.  You are applying your newfound knowledge to snack and meal times yet at recent trip to the grocery store your toddler screams: “But moooooom, I neeeeed that cereal!” You try to reason with your toddler explaining why you are choosing a healthier cereal; yet a major tantrum ensues and your tot gives a dramatic performance in the store enviable by most actors in Hollywood.  So how did you get here and how can your child be screaming for a cereal they’ve never had? A recent study sheds some insight on this phenomenon dubbed the Nag Factor. (more…)

Penn State Study Found Hiding Vegetables in Kids’ Foods Can Increase Vegetable Intake

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

While we know kids should eat their vegetables, it is not always the easiest task to accomplish. Parents can increase veggie options at meals or snack time, but for some kids just the sight of broccoli is enough to send them running for cover.  If you have joined the ranks of clever mums who sneak healthy foods into their tots’ meals, you may be onto to something as a recent study found that kids ate more veggies and fewer calories when vegetables were in disguise. (more…)

Increasing Fruit and Vegetable Intake at Family Meals

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

We have been discussing healthy snacking this month, and that research found some babies as young as 8 months are getting too much sodium in their diet from processed foods.   Many mums know their families should be eating a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables but may wonder where to begin.  Here are tips for increasing fruit and vegetable inake at family meals: (more…)

Baby’s Palate and Food Memory Shaped before Birth

Saturday, August 13th, 2011

There have been whiffs of the idea that what a mum eats while breastfeeding can influence her baby’s taste preferences but what about while in the womb? Imagine if you could get your baby to love kale and broccoli just by eating it during pregnancy.  That is exactly what some new research found out; that the nose knows just what foods mum liked.  (more…)

UK Study Finds 70% of 8 Month Olds Consuming too Much Salt

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

We have recently been discussing snacking  and how to choose healthy snacks for your family on the go because not all snacks are created equally.   Many of the processed snack foods on the market are high in added sugars, fats, and salt but typically not something babies need to worry about just yet.  However, a  recent study found that mums should be concerned about their baby’s salt intake as 8 month old babies in the UK are eating too much sodium. (more…)

Healthy Kid’s Snacks

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

All this talk about snacking has us thinking about…snacks of course! Snacks not only can help curb hunger but also make sure your family gets their daily dose of fruits and vegetables. Kids snacks are particularly important for little ones because their tummies are tiny and often prefer to ‘graze’ throughout the day.  Aim for variety, as healthy as possible, and make sure the snack doesn’t become a meal.  To help boost kids’ snacking, here are some snack ideas from the food groups. You can use this table to mix and match selecting 1 food from 1-2 (no more than 3 or else it’s a meal) groups for a hearty, healthy snack. (more…)

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